Ferrous and non-ferrous materials made from green sand, permanent mold, investment and die casting processes, in as-cast, pre and post machined conditions.


Ferrous and non-ferrous materials made from press, hammer and up-setter processes, in as-forged, pre and post machined conditions


Low, medium and high volume from ferrous materials, including fabrications and complex assemblies.

Machined Products

CNC machined components from sub-micro to highly complex multi-axis details of the largest sizes.


Seals, gaskets, rings, trim and inserts from various materials.

Electrical wiring and assembly

Control panels, sub-assembly wiring harnesses and power inverter technologies.


Ferrous and non-ferrous fasteners for automotive, commercial and industrial applications.

Tubing and assembly

Commercial and automotive related components including welding, fabrication and complex assembly.

Financing, Logistics and Warehousing

Full-service solutions providers in support of supplier financing, logistics management and warehousing services for Canada, Mexico and the United States.